Online sessions

Free session


This one-on-one sessions is to give you immediate support in a difficult situation. If you feel overwhelmed with the situation around you sign up  for a short call where we can do breathing together. You will get support and tools for reducing stress and betting back to mental and emotional balance. 


The aim for this session is to provide assistance for anyone who is experiencing, overwhelming stress anxiety, fear or panic.


I will be providing guidance using tools like breathwork and meditation to support you in the best way that I can.

Online training – £79


These tailor made sessions are specifically designed for your needs. The biggest benefit of a personalised session is that we are using our time on the most efficient way. We can work on improving your wellbeing or increasing mental and physical performance. You can expect powerful results even after one session.

What do you get?

Each session takes 60 minutes. Depending on what are the goals we choose the best method to achieve them. This could be Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage/Buteyko or Pranayama. At the end of the session you will receive instructions on self practice so you can continue the work in your own time at home. 


Who is this for?

Anyone who would like to:


– Reduce stress levels

– Accelerate personal development

– Improve focus and mental clarity 

– Work with repressed emotions or traumas

– Improve your cardiovascular and immune system

– Optimise sleep

– Increase creativity and learn how to use flow states

– Boost energy levels