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Peru Experience / Wim Hof Method + Healing

SHAPESHIFT : Total Transformation / Healing + Wim Hof Method Please contact me to receive the full schedule -

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Peru Experience / Wim Hof Method + Healing

Time & Location

28 Jul 2018, 09:00 – 11 Aug 2018, 09:00

Peru, Peru

About The Event



Arrival in Lima, internal flight to Iquitos and pick up in the airport, then transfer to jungle camp around 2,5 hours away, including final trek through the forest. Rest, bathe, eat and get to know each other. Lodging in jungle huts surrounded by vegetation, but protected from insects.


After breakfast a gathering of introduction, conversation about intentions, problems. First step in a group process, but also possibility of private, individual interviews. Getting initiated in the life of jungle camp, simple daily tasks that will be performed throughout the stay, alongside walks through the forest, river swimming or simply relaxing in hammocks. This day we will also start with Wim Hof Method introduction and breathing practices that will be part of our routine during whole trip, guided by certified instructor. Evening Healing.


A river trip, to a meeting place of two greatest rivers of the región, Maranon and Ucayali, where actual Amazon begins. We go there to meet pink river dolphins, magical creatures in local mythology, but also just to swim and let our bodies enjoy new day in life. Return for supper in the camp + Evening Healing.


Morning breakfast, camp routines, breathing practice etc. + Evening Healing.


Morning routine you already know from previous day-after sessions. After breakfast we set off back to Iquitos. According to your state, you can spend afternoon resting and enjoy civilisation after return from wilderness or join exploration of this crazy jungle city markets, for goods to bring back home or just weird sights and smells to take in. We stick to healthy diet though, no drinking sessions please - a flight awaits early in the morning.


That day we cross Andes twice, and via Lima get to Cusco, from where we are transferred to a lovely little town of cobbled streets and smiling cute kids with alpacas, Pisaq, headquarters of alternative community of Peru, full of shamanic shops, yoga halls, freaks and travellers from all over the world. This is where we make the base, starting acclimatisation straight away by chewing coca with Sam, the pet alpaca of Samsara, fairy tale oriental den of spiritual transformation.


Acclimatise Pisaq first day.

On that day we continue our Wim Hof training, breathing techniques with added challenge of high altitude. In the afternoon we visit Incan fortress, enormous ruins of temples and fortifications perched high above Pisaq, still aided by Andean power plant coca that will ease our transition into this difficult climate. We will descend from the site hiking towards Pisaq, on hidden local paths leading through abandoned settlements and beautiful rural landscape.


Second day of acclimatising will be spent on two wheels. From Pisaq we head early to Ollantaytambo, another Incan town, where we ll be picked by local adventure tour agency specialised in biking trails, to do 50 km, one of the longest descents of this kind, from Abra Malaga pass at above 3200 m, the continental divide dropping from misty Andean landscape straight into the jungle. You will take the best out of this breathtaking route without any need of uphill battle – after the fun cars will bring us back to Ollantaytambo for return to Pisaq, and free time in the afternoon.


Pisaq – trek to Puma Lake

We set off to put our cold resistance to a test. First by hired cars and then by walking we reach our high mountain location. First part of the trip will happen in daytime, during trek of three lakes, with culminating point being bath in the highest and coldest pristine blue Pumacocha, Lake of the Pumas. By combined power of well rehearsed by now breathing techniques you will easily enter the cold embrace of cold mountain spirits, and by this your body, reborn, stabbed with thousands of tiny needles, will flow down the mountain in joy, towards the camp.


Transfer by bus via Cusco to a village which is starting point of the trail of our ultimate trek, towards sacred glacier of Sinakara, above Qoyllur Riti shrine, ancient pagan site, now a site of annual indigenous pilgrimage. Night in tents


Mayahuani – Sinakara base camp. We start the first of the trek, always remembering the breath, precious and important at this altitude. We reach base camp in early afternoon and enjoy the views and free time. Night in tents near the shrine.


Rituals on the glacier. This day we will follow footsteps of men-bear who climb the ice on the top of the mountain considered a living spirit. Second cold water immersion on altitude above 5000 metres. On the edge one of small lakes formed by the water from melting ice we will do offerings for Mother Earth, and ask for strength in our final ice test. When we swim in these waters, fed by last remaining glaciers, that were here for thousands of years and are now disappearing due to global warming, we will focus on intention to heal and strengthen not only our bodies, but also of the Mother that feeds us and keeps us alive, knowing, that in shamanic seeing of the world, all is connected and dependent. We descend to base camp for ritual meal breaking the fast of this day.


Descent to the road and transfer to Cusco. Night in hotel to rest in comfort of civilization.


Departure to Lima or optional trip to Machu Picchu.

When : 28.07-11.08.2018

How much : 1600 USD

What is included :

*Pick up in Iquitos airport and transfer to and from the jungle camp.

*All meals and accommodation while in the camp.

*Private consultation and guidance, help with preparation and integration of the experience.

*River trip.

*Night in hotel in Iquitos

*Internal flights Iquitos – Lima, Lima – Cusco

*All the transfers in the mountains.

*Accomodation in Pisaq.

*Trek and entrance to Pisaq ruins

*Biking expedition with a local agency.

*Trek to Sinakara glacier with camping equipment (tents, mats ) included.

*All the Wim Hof Method training with experienced qualified instructor

Guides of the trip :

Local community:

Very experienced and loving voices and treatment of Matilda, Esteban and Olinda, working in old school individual style, in cooperation, without competing creating sophisticated, deep healing experience.

Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak ( “Mundo” )

Almost 20 years on a long and twisted path of exploration of magic, primordial beliefs, traditional cultures, shamanism and spirituality of the world. From Rastafarian camps in Jamaica, voodoo in Haiti and Africa, desert traditions of healing with trance, in Maghreb, Ethiopia, Pakistan, shamanism of Mongolia, Africa, Pakistan, mysticism of Indian subcontinent, transformative Sufi rites on three continents, Bwiti initiation in Cameroon, finally culminating in Amazon and Andes, learning its traditional medicine, sampling various sources of knowledge of the world and inspiration, understanding of self and bringing others safely through paths scouted before.

Traveler, journalist, guide, practitioner. Studying in the Amazon since 2013, including above two years of unbroken practice, with shamans from remote communities as well in large clinics and centres working with patients from all around the world, seeking solutions to their problems. Specializes in entheogenic plants used in the local tradition. Primal, ancient shamanism reinterpreted through body, breath and own, unique experience for the moment of NOW, improvisation, syncretism, unbroken song of healing rooted in ancient past and in various cultures with fruits here and for each case individually.


Martin Petrus :

Apprentice of Wim Hof, certified Wim Hof Method instructor, with extensive workshop and training experience leading events in Europe and beyond, founder of N.ICE Collective ( )

From Martin :

"When I was 5 years old, my grandma, after reading Sebastian Kneipp's book "My water cure", was treating me with cold showers.

At that time I was in perfect health - only later when I grew up and abandoned grandmas therapy, my immune system crashed under the attributes of modern society like chronic stress, processed foods and antibiotics.

In my mid 30’s I was lucky to get back on the cold track, had the chance to train with Wim and became a certified WHM Instructor. I have managed to transform my life - bring back my health, become physically stronger and establish a mind state where I can be at peace with myself. Now I can share this with others."

Reservation :

Participation is reserved by advance of 500 USD. First come, first served. The number of spots is very limited.


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