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Martin Petrus
Breathwork Coach


Martin’s breathwork journey started when he met Wim Hof. This is when he learned how changing breathing patterns can shift the mental state and break through emotional barriers.

At the same time he started learning respiratory physiology from the founder of Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown. 

Now trying to connect the scientific and spiritual by studying Transformational Breath®.

Martin runs regular workshops where he focuses on mindset training using breathwork and cold exposure. He also coaches athletes with modern hypoxic training methods and traditional pranayama techniques. 

Quickest way to accelerate your progress


These tailor made sessions are specifically designed for your needs. The biggest benefit of a personalised session is that we are using our time on the most efficient way. We can work on improving your wellbeing or increasing mental and physical performance. You can expect powerful results even after one session.

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Optimising performance, recovery and mindset in sports.

The breathing techniques that we teach can improve performance in team sports, martial arts, running, endurance sports (cycling, triathlon, rowing, swimming, cross country skiing). These practices might also be very helpful in disciplines where can improve concentration and reduce psychological stress.

Martin has collaborated with the best gyms training athletes and coaches in the fields of CrossFit, MMA and rowing.

Optimise your day
5 week course in the office


In this course where you will learn simple breathing techniques and productivity hacks for improving your performance in the workspace.

The content of the course can be spread over five weeks. Each session

consists of a lecture and practical exercises and takes 40 min to 1 hour.

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