About N.ICE Collective


Everyone should have an access to simple and effective tools to improve focus and reduce stress, enhance mental and physical performance, boost immune system and increase energy levels.

We are a collective who explores and shares practices such as Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga, Movement and Strength Training to bring most benefits with ‘minimum effective dose’ that anyone can earn and apply in everyday life.


Rich in knowledge and experience, however so wise and humble, Artur and Martin curated a journey across the week like nothing I've ever experienced. They guided and informed us but also facilitated an environment where we could learn from each other, ourselves and the natural world.


The daily schedule was perfectly paced and curated, including timing, food, breaks, challenges, learning and connection. The area was stunning from the door to wherever our daily activities took us. The food was just perfect, and the sauna was an added treat.


Angie Starn, Consultant and Support for the Business of Wellness

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Artur Paulins

Artur Paulins is an explorer of human potential. Constantly learning and experimenting with different mind-body modalities. 


It is Artur’s passion to combine his knowledge of breathwork, functional training, yoga, natural movement, jiu-jitsu and cold therapy with his decade of martial arts training and competition experience; creating a simple, accessible way in which anyone can learn to apply these practices to feel happier, stronger and healthier in their every day lives.


Artur is coaching his clients one to one in functional training and natural movement; teaching workshops internationally on breathwork and cold therapy, as well as organising retreats and Wim Hof Method expeditions.


Breathwork teacher, yoga teacher, personal trainer and one of the first international instructors to be trained by Wim Hof.

Martin Petrus

When I was 5 years old, my grandma, after reading Sebastian Kneipp's book "My water cure", was treating me with cold showers. 

At that time I was in perfect health - only later when I grew up and abandoned grandmas therapy, my immune system crashed under the attributes of modern society like chronic stress, processed foods and antibiotics.
In my mid 30’s I was lucky to get back on the cold track, had the chance to train with Wim and became a certified WHM Instructor. 

I have managed to transform my life - bring back my health, become physically stronger and establish a mind state where I can be at peace with myself. Now I can share this with others.

Wim Hof Method certified instructor and Oxygen Advantage certified instructor. Trained with Wim Hof and Patrick McKeown. Teaching breathwork workshops in UK and Europe. Working with athletes (Crossfit, UFC) on improving physical performance.