About N.ICE Collective


Everyone should have an access to simple and effective tools to improve focus and reduce stress, enhance mental and physical performance, boost immune system and increase energy levels.

We are a collective who explores and shares practices such as Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga, Movement and Strength Training to bring most benefits with ‘minimum effective dose’ that anyone can earn and apply in everyday life.

Artur Paulins

Creator of Breathwork Academy and the explorer of human equanimity, Artur Paulins is working internationally to transform our access to daily calm through breathwork. “An access to equanimity (calm, stillness, contentment) should be available to everyone.”

In his early years, he became one of the first instructors trained directly by Wim Hof. This was Artur’s first training in breath mastery, which now spans a variety of breath-based approaches to wellbeing, resilience and inner-strength. 



Martin Petrus

Martin’s breathwork journey started when he met Wim Hof. This is when he learned how changing breathing patterns can shift the mental state and break through emotional barriers.

At the same time he started learning respiratory physiology from the founder of Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown. 

Now trying to connect the scientific and spiritual by studying Transformational Breath®.

Martin runs regular workshops where he focuses on mindset training using breathwork and cold exposure. He also coaches athletes with modern hypoxic training methods and traditional pranayama techniques. 



Nice Collective-2.jpg

Rich in knowledge and experience, however so wise and humble, Artur and Martin curated a journey across the week like nothing I've ever experienced. They guided and informed us but also facilitated an environment where we could learn from each other, ourselves and the natural world.


The daily schedule was perfectly paced and curated, including timing, food, breaks, challenges, learning and connection. The area was stunning from the door to wherever our daily activities took us. The food was just perfect, and the sauna was an added treat.


Angie Starn, Consultant and Support for the Business of Wellness

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